Dreaming about abandoned

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you abandon something that you are detaching your emotions from. you are abandoned, being left out feeling rejected.
In dreams, to feel a sense of abandonment or rejection is symbolic of not feeling like we were wanted as children. this may actually be a distortion of reality whereby a child may have been separated from his/her parents for some reason or another and the child interpreted this as being abandoned. this may manifest in later life with the dreamer finding they cannot formulate and commit to plans for the future. it may be helpful to look at your everyday experiences to see if you can discover the cause of a fear of abandonment. are you experiencing loneliness, neglect or insecurity in a relationship? if you dream that you’re abandoning someone else, this may be because of hidden or pent-up anger towards a person, or it may mean that you’re not nurturing some part of your personality. sometimes, dreaming about abandonment may involve feeling dependent, or supporting dependents. additional dream interpretation… to be abandon (i.e. reckless) within a dream may infer we are searching for freedom (e.g. emotional freedom, or the freedom to be ourselves).
Did your family, spouse, lover or friend leave you behind? dreams of being abandoned often reflect feelings of low self esteem and undesirability more than literal concerns of betrayal or desertion if you’ve been feeling low or have suffered a setback in your romantic or professional life, this dream is a call to action it’s time to identify your goals, so you feel better about yourself, and leave those dreams behind! related dreams an emotional winter husband leaves me related dream symbols affair betrayal
1 a sense of emptiness, of having no one around whom you can depend on bewilderment 2 betrayal by someone who loves you, like that suffered by the children in the story of hansel and gretel 3 the need for self sufficiency astrological/tarot parallel: the moon

Meaning for seeing abandoned in your dreams

To dream of being abandoned, means you can not trust anyone
A dream involving being abandoned implies that you are feeling constrained or looking for freedom in some way
Dreaming of being abandoned or left behind shows your attempt to let go of outworn behavior or characteristics it can reflect an identity crisis as you move into a new situation with fears of not fitting in in a sense you are abandoning your old identity in preparation for a transformation if the dream focuses more on being left behind, there is a sense of exploring where you are in relation to other’s expectations of you or life stages