Dreaming about abnormality

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to see in a dream a person or thing that is not normal – such as a man who walks on all fours, a cat with horns, a house built upside down, or the like – is an omen of a pleasant outcome to something that has worried you.
If strangely formed things appear in your dream& 8212;a crooked mirror, a misshapen arm& 8212;it’s a good omen this just means that your mind is open to new and unusual things
Most popular explanation, which consists of most common meanings and interpretations about abnormality in dreams
When you dream of something abnormal, it represents that finally you have found the solution to your problems and you^ve made up a decision to achieve the task you wanted to solve. When you see things being abnormal it signifies your attention to specific phase of the particular question. This means, that you have the opportunity to find the answers to the questions you are looking for. It also can imply that there might be things in your life you are not fully satisfied. Be aware of the challenges you are going to face as you will need to work a lot, to solve the problems you will have, but do not worry, as you are going to sort them out.

Meaning for seeing abnormality in your dreams

Abnormality in a dream is usually for something that holds instinctively to be wrong or biased. Is it unusual to something abnormal in the sense of for example, an abnormal sensation or sound, then the attention should be paid to the alien mind. For example, in a dream a person laugh at a funeral. This would mean that the dreamer has to deal very carefully with what feelings he has for these people.
The conscious perception of anomaly forces the dreamer to life and to deal with areas that are not in the way he would have liked. To dream of a dwarf or a giant, may mean that attention is directed to certain points that have something to do with size or deformation. In the life of the dreamer there is something that is perhaps too big for him.
Abnormality is related to strange things that usually has magical powers or magical abilities. Dreams related with any kind of abnormal things may indicate supernatural and mystical areas of spiritual life. Abnormality suggests to ask yourself how special you are and what special power you may have. Also, you shouldn^t forget to look aroud and pay attention to those who might be very special too.