Dreaming about aborigine

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to see anybody who is aborigine or from a native tribe represents the spiritual side of you   you may relate to this character and want more inner peace   you may be too involved with yourself and need to come back down to earth
Seeing an aborigine in a dream is a sign of your primitive, interior self, as well as your more naive side it can also signal that you are overindulging in something or being too emotional, which can lead to harm
To see an aborigine in your dream, represents both your untamed, natural self and your innocent side, it also suggests that you are being overindulgent or overly emotional
Dreaming of an aborigine reflects the more natural, ‘uncivilized’ side of you that seeks expression aside from social restraints dreaming of foreign persons can be a way of exploring life from a more foreign perspective visiting foreign cities can symbolize a change in outlook and changes to your sense of values if commerce is involved, the dream can be exploring work issues that might be viewed in a new light if it is a cafe in a foreign country, you are exploring new ways of finding fulfillment