Dreaming about absorb

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to dream of being absorbed indicates we are driven to acquire knowledge we assume may help us in our understanding of the world and ourselves. it suggests we become focussed on variables that matter and make them part of us.
Feeling absorbed in your dream is quite self explanatory   you may be putting too much time into something and its becoming too overwhelming   who is absorbing all your energy in your walking life?  do you remember who was with you in your dream when you where feeling absorbed?  this will help you understand who^s draining you abstinence when we dream of being abstinent; in our dreams means that you are restricting yourself from the daily pleasures in your life   its possible that you have a very strong mind and your not going to let your guard down
To dream of absorbing energy or water is likely to represent a time for true understanding of a situation in your life it can mean that you have the ability to retain information and that now might be a good time to begin studying depending on the emotions in the dream, to absorb something could also mean that you are taking on someone else’s issues and business being absorbed in your dream suggests you may need to enhance your ability to remain detached and keep clarity of mind alternatively you may be showing yourself that you are excellent at focusing when necessary
A dream that focuses on something that absorbs can be a message about your current focus you can be ‘absorbed’ in one thing at the expense of something else it can also symbolize being drained or the sense that you are not allowing for the free expression of feelings because of its association to ‘wetness ‘