Dreaming about absorb absorption

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Most popular explanation, which consists of most common meanings and interpretations about absorption in dreams
If you dream of something that is absorbed in things that you are doing, it means that you are to much concantrated on your own stuff, ignoring people around you and not paying attention to them. Make sure, if you are not egoistic person and care about the others who are around you. This dream could also be the meaning of you not accepting the situacion you are in, or not feeling safe and comfortable in your own skin.
To be absorbed in the dream of an activity or experience, refers to the ability to surrender. Or the dreamer is able to receive ideas, concepts or elements of faith and to integrate them into his person. The absorption is an important part of the cognitive process.
Everyone has the need to belong to a social group. To be absorbed by something, stands for the desire to belong to a larger whole, or for the effort to reintegrate ignored or unrecognized aspects of personality.

Meaning for seeing absorb absorption in your dreams

The dreamer has the ability to integrate different aspects of his life in his personality. On the spiritual level absorption indicates the longing for a return to the origin.