Dreaming about accent

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dreaming of others who speak in a foreign accent is a positive omen, if they were friendly however, if you felt threatened or worried in the dream, this is a warning that you must pay closer attention to what your intuition is telling you someone in real life may be trying to deceive you but you are failing to notice it to dream that you are speaking in a foreign accent, signifies that you are hiding from something or someone it is time to face reality and stop hiding behind a front confide in someone close
Sometime when we dream we hear different accents, this would suggest that you have trouble communicating your thoughts to others   what accent did you hear in your dream?  did you have an accent?  if you felt uncomfortable talking in your dream signifies your insecurities with people you may not feel as confident then you did in the past if you are talking with a different accent means that you are masking up something   you should become more comfortable in your shoes in your walking life
If you heard yourself or others speak with an unfamiliar or foreign accent, you could hear news from a distance that involves a hasty trip
To dream of yourself with an unfamiliar or unusual accent may indicate that you are tapping into a previous lifetime this is important to note as it can be bringing to your consciousness an issue that needs addressing in your current life hearing another accent in a dream may indicate uncertainty about a situation in your life there may be an issue in your life that is a little foreign and unusual feeling anxiety at the sound of accents may suggest that you are not comfortable with your current circumstance and you need to look into doing something about it dreaming of delight at the sound of another accent could very well mean you are about to embark on an exciting new chapter in your life

Meaning for seeing accent in your dreams

Hearing or speaking with a foreign accent indicates that you’ll soon be around foreigners who will give you insight into an irksome problem it may also signify that you should travel soon& 8212;it would be a great getaway
Hear a speech in a foreign language or foreign accent in a dream, foretells news and heated on a long journey.