Dreaming about accompaniment

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whether you are a musician or not, you will be fortunate in matters pertaining to the heart if you dream of playing an accompaniment to someone*s singing.
The question is: who will accompany you in your dreams where to? Often the desire to put a more intense contact with a certain (perhaps loved) people behind it, but rather makes rare. Was it a harmonious environment in which he has accompanied you, it could mean for real convergence. Was the dream scene chaos, the hostile atmosphere, it must be understood as a request: Forget it! Even if the contact can be intense at this man could, you would have a lot of unpleasant things to take into account it would never be a real couple situation.
Who will be accompanied by someone in a dream, should pay attention to who^s going to his side. Often it is only a shadow. Most of the companion describes the inner self, which has tracked problems that urgently need a solution.
– get a walk with someone accompaniment: close friendship; – support for departure: shows disease or alienation of the departing passengers; – accompany someone on the street: spend happy hours.