Dreaming about accountant

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for a young woman to dream that she loves an accountant means that she will not be happy in her married life, but that she will be well provided for.
Most people usually dream about an accountant during tax time and its your mind telling you to be more organized if its not tax time and you dream of an accountant means that you are doing a good job by checking all the small detail   your not going to be taken advantage anymore
To dream that you have an accountant, suggests in reality you will have an obligation which is not in your best regard dreaming that you have problems in accounting, means you should not be trying to counterfeit documents or to get money from the loan as you must not lie or hide funds
A dream in which you are an accountant indicates objectivity toward someone or something and shows that you are thoughtfully considering things

Meaning for seeing accountant in your dreams

The character that appears in your dream associated with finances can represent issues related to self worth we often dream about money matters when we are feeling insecure about our finances to the point that we are not facing these feelings during the day this type of dream can be a wake up call to get your finances in order so you can feel less stressed about it the other symbolism can shed light on the feelings you may be exploring related to self worth through this character see people