Dreaming about accusation

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being accused of wrongdoing warns you to be on guard against those who will flatter you in order to obtain favors.
Being accused in your sleep of something, you’d be compensated for any problems blaming someone means you are about to take criticism for your behavior and have to regret and repent if you dream you are a court prosecutor, you will offend someone who is not guilty
Accusations in a dream may be literal do you feel you’ve done something wrong? if you’re accused, you may feel that you’re being judged the one judging you in these dreams is usually you
– be: displays sneaky friends, or malevolent people with whom we are somehow related, therefore, caution may be necessary; – be able to prove the innocence shows that you will overcome your difficulties; – undefined show dare abuse problems or concerns, while a definite allegation points to a serious matter, a special difficulty.

Meaning for seeing accusation in your dreams

Hindu .
– yourself: happiness and reputation; – your wife: pointing to bad news; – others: restlessness and contempt.