Dreaming about accusation accuse accused accusing

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Most popular explanation, which consists of most common meanings and interpretations about accusation in dreams
When you dream of being accused of something, this could be a sign of your guilt. This dream could also be the meaning of you, not being sure what you want out of life. You have to know what choices you are making and what choices you have to do. If you see in your dream yourself accusing the others, it represents you having cases with people who are around you. If you dream that you are accused as a thief, it represents your financial losses you are going to have in the future. If you dream that you see someone accused, because of being not good person, it symbolizes your own problems you are going to have, in which case you will suffer as a person.
The feeling to have made a little bit wrong. Who must appear in the dream even defendant in court, does well to change his life rhythm to consider how he make amends, his insecurity can put away and form his environmental relations more positively. Of course this motive can also reflect a quarrel with a friend or occupational colleagues. Is accused another, points possibly to a wrong which we have done to another or want to do. If one accuses somebody, one is undecided and does not know surely how one should decide. One must admit his conflict to himself openly.
– To receive formal accusation from the investigation office (police, court or similar): indicates dishonest and sneaky friends, or bad people with whom the dreamer is somehow connected, but this dream also foretells that worries of the dreamer will disappear if proper care will be applied; – Dreaming that you are accused by a person: represents secret scandal; – To raise accusation yourself or to accuse someone: this dream is the sign of restlessness and discontent; – If someone, but not the dreamer, is accused by an authority: indicates deceived hopes; – Wrongfully accused; To dream that you can fight back the accusation and can prove that you^re innocent: represents that you will overcome difficulties very easy.

Meaning for seeing accusation accuse accused accusing in your dreams

– To be accused in a dream: there you are before annoyances; – To lead accusation against someone: experience of dissatisfaction is not for long; – To raise accusation: someone has done something wrong to you, but very soon this wrongdoing will beexterminated and you will be the right one again; – To stand under accusation: you know that something was wrong; try to restore the friendship. – To be accusator for yourself (to accuse yourself): indicates luck, honor and respect; – To dream that you are accusing woman: there is possibility to receive bad news;
Persian (Islamic) – Dreaming of accusation in general is a serious omen: it indicates that personal conflicts already exist and will become more invisible; – To dream of being accused of or charged with a crime: this symbol serves as a warning before wrong friends and unprincipled enemies; – To dream that you are accusing someone: watch out for belligerence and intense animosity or hostility.