Dreaming about ace

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this denomination of playing cards signifies four different things, according to the suit, and in each case the portent represents the ultimate degree. an ace of hearts foretells success in love: of diamonds, good fortune in money matters: of spades, unrewarded labor: and of clubs, disgrace.
The significance varies according to the suit hearts: success in love and/or wishes come true diamonds: good luck concerning money clubs: success after quarrels concerning business spades: sadness and/or unrewarded labor if you were not aware of the suit, you will be puzzled by a mystery you cannot solve
To dream of an ace is indication that your potential to experience the ultimate state of being in an aspect of your life is likely note the environment and people in the dream, to understand the message of the ace furthermore is the ace hearts, spades, clubs or diamonds an ace of hearts means success in relationships an ace of diamonds suggests success in finances an ace of clubs indicates success on your spiritual path an ace of spades implies success in your career
An ace in your dream is always a good omen of things to come aces and the number one stand for positive beginnings perhaps there’s a new business opportunity coming your way, or a new friendship or love interest