Dreaming about ache

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a dream of headache warns against confiding in anyone regarding your business plans. if your legs ache or your arms ache, it is a sign that you will have this effect – a night*s repose: in other words, contentment.
Beneficial events successful trip prosperous business beneficial events successful trip prosperous business
Beneficial events successful trip prosperous business
This is usually a dream of contrary; the meaning can sometimes be the opposite of what you think a trivial ache is due to a physical cause, or it may be a sign that you should see a doctor a severe ache, however, indicates an important event that will be beneficial to you a headache is a warning against confiding your private affairs to anyone

Meaning for seeing ache in your dreams

Aches or pains in your dreams can be literal warnings is it time to get a checkup? if you actually feel the pain in the dream, you’re probably half lucid and feel the pain in waking life, as well if the ache is imaginary, it could mean that you should beware of what people think of your public image