Dreaming about acting

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dreaming of being an actor/actress or any dream in which you were acting means you have been dishonest, with others or yourself if it’s a pleasant dream, lying has worked in your favor, but it could have bad consequences meeting an actor warns of a false friend coming into your life also see “celebrities”, “rehearsal”, “stage” and “understudy”
Acting in your dream symbolizes that you are not being yourself in front of people   you need to just let loose and be yourself   are you pretending to be somebody else in your walking life?  if not maybe you just like the idea of being in front of other and entertaining them
This dream indicates that you must assert yourself in a more positive way in order to gain your ambitions if your dream involved meeting actors or actresses, be careful not to repeat gossip, or you could lose a friend
Dreaming of acting indicates a subconscious dissatisfaction within yourself to the point where you would rather be someone else take this as an opportunity to examine your current behavior and choices you are making are you being true to yourself? these dreams may also be a sign that you are ‘performing’ to please others, rather than living the life and making the decisions you want for yourself