Dreaming about acupuncture

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to dream of being acupunctured can considered healing, since that is it’s primary purpose. however this varies from traditional medicine, so the healing process it is referring to is questionable or experimental depending on how the dreamer feels.
If you dreamed of receiving acupuncture, you are in need of emotional and spiritual healing the dream signals your need to mend a personal relationship or situation that is currently causing you distress
When we dream of getting acupuncture done to our body represents our need to let off some stress   you may feel overwhelmed in you walking life and need a break   remembering where the acupuncture takes place on you body would help you know what needs rest
Dreaming of acupuncture may indicate that you’re currently under a lot of stress, and the mental pressure of a certain situation is manifesting itself in physical pain the acupuncture needles themselves symbolizes these pressures, while at the same time providing relief because it may be the start of a healing process