Dreaming about addict

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obsessive need lack of control obsessive need lack of control
Obsessive need lack of control
When you dream of an addict symbolizes something or someone in your life that you have lost control over   an addict represents a weak, lost and lonely person if you dream you are addicted to a drug suggest that you have a very weak confidence level and need a positive boost   you may want to work on your insecurities before it gets the best of you addiction being addicted to anything in life good or bad is not that healthy   when you dream of being addicted to a substance suggests that something in your life is like a drug to you   are you a possessive person? you may feel dependent on that person and feel you can function without them alternatively being addicted in your dream can also represent you not wanting to conform with society
To dream you are an addict could signify that you’ve lost control of a circumstance you have given up control and denied all responsibility for your actions this kind of dream can also indicate fear, low self image issues, and other latent insecurities