Dreaming about adieu

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to dream of bidding cheerful adieus to people, denotes that you will make pleasant visits and enjoy much social festivity; but if they are made in a sad or doleful strain, you will endure loss and bereaving sorrow if you bid adieu to home and country, you will travel in the nature of an exile from fortune and love to throw kisses of adieu to loved ones, or children, foretells that you will soon have a journey to make, but there will be no unpleasant accidents or happenings attending your trip
To dream that you’re bidding adieu to someone, you will encounter enjoyable parties or visits to dream of a sad farewell, you are experiencing, or will experience, anguish and loss
To dream that you are bidding cheerful adieus to someone, signifies much pleasant festivities and enjoyable visits to dream that you are bidding sad adieus, signifies grief and loss
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Meaning for seeing adieu in your dreams

When you are dreaming of saying happy adieus to someone, then it symbolizes happy time, fun parties, unexpected guests you are going to have very soon. When you see saying sad goodbye to someone, this is a sign of tough life ahead of you. It could also be the meaning of loosing someone you love, and how painful and unhappy you will be.
Dreaming that you get goodbye from someone is indication of health problems.