Dreaming about admiral

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this highest naval rank points to your making a success of your career, both socially and in business. a maiden who dreams of marrying an admiral will be wooed by a wealthy widower.
If you dream of seeing an admiral represents your need for direction and authority   you need direction  with your life if your are an admiral in your dream means that you have power issues and need to relax   you like to give authority over others   do you remember who you where giving orders too?  maybe you should ease up on that person admiring anytime we admire somebody in our dreams suggest that you want the same qualities that person has   usually we dream of a famous person or somebody who you look up too when you notice people admiring you in your dream, suggest you have a very narcissistic qualities and need to be more down to earth
To dream of an admiral signifies success in your social life as well as in your career
To dream of an admiral, indicates that in reality you will have further achievements
To dream of an admiral indicates a desire to command or lead a group of people, either socially or in a professional setting through a difficult or trying task an important aspect of this desire is the need to be respected, recognized and awarded for your leadership and courage
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Meaning for seeing admiral in your dreams

When you dream of being an admiral, it signifies how potential, confidence, clever, reasonable and wise person you are when making important decisions. You are not afraid to take the responsibility for your actions. The admiral could also be a sign of a father or magisterial person. This person is making an influence to everybody.
The Admiral represents a person, the one which is sailing on the Sea of Life, he gives information about the course in the life. The Admiral is an important person and his appearance is positive. Dreaming about the admiral may symbolize that you are successful with courage, skill and foresight. The Admiral is the confirmation for the dreamer that the ship of the life is controlled in the sea of the ??life with its dangers. Dreaming about the supreme commander of a fleet can also be evidence of excessive desire for authority or great power and domination.
The admiral is basically a complex dream symbol that corresponds in some aspects to the captain. It refers either to a role model, a dominant father figure or even in God and fate. But it can also refer to the dreamer himself, who has enough strength and confidence, or would have to control his lifeboat on the sea of life;. The admiral also represents a symbol of authoritarian male sexuality. Particular actions of admiral in a dream should be considered, if the dreamer desires an accurate interpretation.