Dreaming about adoption

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if a man or woman dreams of adopting a child, there will be a year during which speculation will bring rich returns.
To dream of child adoption, means you will receive recognition from the people to dream you adopt, means you will have cares with your children
If you dream of adopting a child, it could be a literal dream; perhaps you’d like to do so in the future this dream can also be a sign that you have a lot of extra love to give and need an outlet to express it
Most popular explanation, which consists of most common meanings and interpretations about an adoption in dreams
When you dream of adopting a child, this symbolizes the new challenges you will have. It could be new activities or work, you are going to have. You should consider what you are looking for in life and what would make it completed. If you see yourself as an adopted child it signifies that you are missing a child in your life.
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Meaning for seeing adoption in your dreams

Which is born in me, against all resistance?
According to the popular opinion, a dream in which appears an adoption, this  indicates that someone has problems in his close neighborhood and  the dreamer should help him. The adoption may also stand for a strong protective instinct, someone would like in his life to play the role of parents. But beware! Those who  frequently dreams that they could adopt someone, friends and relatives with their exaggerated solicitude could annoy you and make furious. It requests to accept the personal space of others.
A dream of the adoption of a child reflects an element of wish fulfillment, on the other hand, of course, is the willingness to take care of someone strongly. It is associated with love and it expresses your wish to take care of someone you love.
– In the dream you are adopted: you will experience many disappointment. – You are dreaming that you see an adopted child: you will go on the other fortune through intrigues and speculations; – Adopt a child: on your own fault you unfortunate circumstances at home.