Dreaming about adventure

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the nature of the adventure will govern the prediction of this dream. it will follow closely according to whether it is distressing, exciting, humorous or shameful. it is always well to exercise your best judgment and care after such a dream.
To dream about an adventure suggests that you need to slow down and be careful of the way you are acting, or you may suffer a loss of reputation
While the meaning of this dream is quite straightforward, bear in mind that the prediction pertains only to your feeling about the adventure (i e, pleased, amused, distressed, excited, ashamed, etc ) rather than the details of it, and you can expect an experience of a similar character shortly so if your dream adventure left you feeling guilty, put up your guard! if the dream concerned another adventurer or adventuress, you are probably in for a surprising change of environment
To dream of a pleasant adventure, suggests that you will have happy events to dream of adventure, means you will have changes in your life
Most popular explanation, which consists of most common meanings and interpretations about an adventure in dreams
When you dream of being an adventurer it symbolizes that you are focused and concentrated into your own behavior too much. Be careful, as this indicates you might lose the respect from the others, because of caring too much about yourself. You should pull yourself together and live in reality.

Meaning for seeing adventure in your dreams

Dreaming of an adventure may be a reflection of the recent real life events. Maybe the dreamer^s life has become more adventurous or the dreamer experienced very adventurous event in waking life. Mood and emotion experienced in dream are particularly important. General feeling of danger in the dream can be interpreted as a warning. Probably the dreamer in waking life is taking a big risk. If the dreamer has satisfaction with dangerous adventure in the dream, then in waking life he is safe, because he is capable to manage the risk.
In the life something can suddenly change . Usually it indicates a change to the better. Give your life more variety, check where boredom and routine are widespread. In your relationship too? But all alone in the jungle, behind a wild animal, from a climbing far and wide no man, no way out? A nightmare! They have taken themselves, expended (financial, health)? A common fear in a dream means too exciting phase of life it has taken a huge risk. About recorded images of danger and threatening environment to make aware that it has exhausted its possibilities. Those who dream by contrast, an erotic adventure with a strange person in real life rather a lack of challenges: mostly just an indication of non-irritating, limited and boring routine in daily life or love life. Repressed wishes for extraordinary experiences are noticeable! Who dreams adventures, offset this feeling in the nightly dream. Be careful beacause your nocturnal adventures have symbolic value and look what is feasible from this dream. Adventurer: he describes, even if it should be a matter of a foreign person, the ego of the dreamer and his inclination to deal with the personal fortune or to take it quite daring in love and marriage with morality not too accurate.
– to experience risky adventure: you are or come into danger; Uncertainty with respect to the environment or another person; or: tendency to risky relationships with people not quite perfect; – to experience a great adventure: it is high time to finally plan long-term, so that life be good once again.
– to experience an adventure: beware from bad people, there is a danger of being deceived.