Dreaming about aeroplane

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affair dreaming of an affair is related to repression of sexual desires that we find exciting but forbidden. often the dreamer will awake with feelings of guilt, as do people who do not drink or smoke etc but do so in dreams. however, an affair can sometimes suggest we are in need of understanding our passions and sexual needs so as to fulfil these in waking life.
To dream of an aeroplane, shows that you shall be very successful in an endeavor dreaming that you see a military aeroplane, means that you should prepare for unexpected trials dreaming that you flying an aeroplane, suggests that you will be a quick success and fulfill all your intentions for progressive business dreaming of landing an aeroplane or a plane crash, means that you either are or will be in trouble to dream that you manage an aeroplane, suggests that you are successful or have a great career
A dream with an aeroplane indicates a need for independence or freedom it could also represent a rapid change in your life