Dreaming about aggression

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see anger
If you are dreaming to display aggression, then means that you have depressed sexual needs also, conflicts may, means in real life
To dream about being aggressive represents stifled carnal desires it also refers to some dilemma you are dealing with
Aggression in a dream signifies that you feel someone has control over you you’re feeling weak and vulnerable if you’re the one who’s aggressive, it signifies that you have harbored resentment against yourself or the person you’re attacking

Meaning for seeing aggression in your dreams

To dream that you exhibit aggression in your dream, denotes repressed sexual needs it is also a reflection of conflict in your waking life
Slay or be shot in a dream from a known man, this brings suppressed feelings of anger, which has been superseded in everyday life, expressed symbolically putting their air. If, however, is himself murdered by someone or attacked, so that particular person in your life is unattainable expectations of you. If one wishes, demands, or do not meet expectations of others can come to a guilt complex. The unconscious often responds by aggressive attacks this internal pressure; from.