Dreaming about ahead

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seeing something ahead of you in a dream can portray your sense of where your path is leading you if you are following a car then you may be moving ahead by following others without a clear sense of direction following a group of people would have the same message, especially if you are getting on public transportation vehicles explore the symbol that appears up ahead as a way of understanding how its activation or integration becomes a clue to how you can move forward successfully if it is an abandoned house, it can symbolize outworn ideas; a tree can represent family dynamics that need to be considered if the symbol appears dangerous, the dream is coaxing you toward initiation where overcoming your sense of fear can set you free usually what appears threatening in a dream is the personification of your fear understanding the symbol in its most positive light can help you overcome your fear for example, a snake symbolizes shedding an old skin in preparation for rebirth; and abyss or ravine shows that you have reached an apex and may need to ‘climb down’ or learn new skills prior to climbing back up see also placement and perspective