Dreaming about aids

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to dream that someone is suffering from aids, means you may be abandoned or ignored to dream yourself sick with aids, indicates that you should not reject the assistance that you asked for from your shrink
To dream that you suffer from aids is a sign that your mental health is under assault and that you cannot fight back to dream that your partner has aids is a hint that the association is a dangerous one
To dream that you have aids, indicates that your psychological integrity is being attacked you are unable to defend your position in some matter to dream that your mate has aids, suggests that the relationship may be a destructive one
Hopelessness; guilt or self-denial, dependence.

Meaning for seeing aids in your dreams

Am I ready to quit condemn myselve and others?
Those who dream to constantly search for gloves and at every conceivable opportunity to pull on rubber gloves (a condom) icon could suffer from an irrational fear of AIDS, which you may not even realize. Due to the topicality of the subject everywhere-present AIDS are many dreams that represent ostensibly fear of contact, assign an overall AIDS panic. There is only one thing: find out about the (few) real risk situations.