Dreaming about aisle

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an aisle in a church, theater or other public place is a sign that you will have a decision of great importance to make.
Walking down an aisle in a dream symbolizes thoughts about marriage, a committed relationship and/or spiritual direction the person with whom you are walking down the aisle is the subject of your dream were you happy? in love? scared? apprehensive? those feelings reflect how you feel about that person or the prospect of being in a committed relationship with that person in waking life if the church in the dream is abandoned, it reflects feelings that you are “going it alone ” if you are engaged in waking life and the church in your dream is run down or falling apart, your dream is warning you that your relationship may not stand the test of time
Dreams that draw attention to an aisle, particularly, but not confined to, a church, indicate you are a channel you can communicate with spirits puns on the word aisle also indicate this
If your dream involved the aisle of a theater, church or building, it is a warning to be extremely cautious regarding an important decision you may soon have to make

Meaning for seeing aisle in your dreams

If you dream of a mountain or forest aisle, you will prove yourself in an impossible for others area, having good, but tough success
Dreaming of walking up an aisle is suggesting a reminiscent and nostalgic personality, given to fanciful thoughts the upside of this is peace and serenity, whereas the downside could be the lack of motivation notice who or what is on either side of the aisle for clues on how to invoke a happy medium in your life