Dreaming about alarm

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a dream of turning in a fire-alarm portends more money in your pocketbook. to make an alarming statement in a dream is an omen of having to apologize to someone of inferior rank. to dream of hearing a clock ring an alarm predicts a profitably exciting time.
An alarm system is a symbol for the immune system the immune system is constantly on alert looking for intruders (germs)
Big changes troubles ahead big changes troubles ahead
To hear an alarm bell in your sleep signifies a situation that is giving you much anxiety
Big changes troubles ahead
Hearing an alarm (fire, burglar or clock) in your dream predicts an exciting and profitable time ahead

Meaning for seeing alarm in your dreams

To dream that you hear an alarm, suggests you be very careful with your family
To dream that you hear or set off an alarm means that you are confused about something, and perhaps worried that you have made a wrong move
If you dream of an alarm ringing in warning, it indicates you have worries about some aspect of your life try to figure out what the problem is, and do something about it on the other hand, an alarm in a dream may be literal it’s time for you to wake up