Dreaming about alarm clock

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if you are dreaming the alarm clock is broken, suggests it is your family holiday if dreaming that the alarm clock rings, means you will compel to make something that are not in your morals
To dream of an alarm clock is your unconscious letting you know that an important time is drawing near to dream of the clock going off but you are not responding is a reminder to keep to your appointments in the near future so as not to miss a vital piece of information dreaming of an alarm clock that doesn’t work shows that you may not be valuing another’s time and effort could be made to show that you are in fact grateful for all that they do for you
Clock is understood in terms of bell, whistle, or signals. The dreamer must also consider the importance of the basic meaning of the clock if he dreams alarm clock. If you dream that you set the alarm clock it can generally refer to time: what if it might be too late? What could you be forgotten?
If the shrill ringing of the alarm clock before you have to wake up, then it does not mean anything. But sometimes it^s meaning could fit with the meaning of clock, then please see the section about clocks.

Meaning for seeing alarm clock in your dreams

– To hear alarm clock: announces an unpleasant surprise.
– To listen: you must be punctual.
– None dream explanation in Islam.