Dreaming about albatross

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seen from the deck of a ship, an albatross indicates success to those who are interested in any of the artistic pursuits.
An omen of good luck and/or good news through strangers
To dream you see an albatross, indicates your future is bright
To see an albatross in your dream is a symbol of liberty and independence to see a dying or dead albatross in your dream indicates that you are about to face hardships and difficulties in your life you will experience a period of misfortune

Meaning for seeing albatross in your dreams

To see an albatross in your dream, symbolizes vulnerability and the risk of exposure to see a dying or dead albatross in your dream, indicates harsh conditions and immediate bad luck ahead for you
The albatross is certainly not a very common dream symbol. Nevertheless, he should not go unmentioned. The albatross bird is clearly one of the lucky symbols. He announces an improvement in the situation and bring glad tidings. The interpretation of this symbol comes from the shipping, where the emergence of the albatross for the sailors a good omen meant. An albatross brings bad luck to kill the other hand, this bird has a huge wingspan and can fly up, then stand for freedom.
– Brings acquaintance with a stranger, the good news.