Dreaming about alligator

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being attacked by an alligator in a dream is a sign that you will be laughed at by people who do not like you. seeing alligators in a zoo is a prediction of a short journey.
Threatening you: fear of an unpleasant reaction to something you said or did. not threatening: realization that there are consequences to your actions. also, that you are prepared to fend off any threats against you. attacking you: you have suffered repercussions from previous deeds, or are stressed out about it happening soon.
Alligators most always symbolize a problem! to kill or conquer one means you have overcome a problem. to be surrounded by one means you have to choose one bad thing to get out of a lot of bad things. (any way you run you will encounter at least one). to be eaten or killed by an alligator means the problem that is haunting you is likely to do you harm if not cured. to have a pet alligator symbolizes great control over one’s problems.
An alligator, like a crocodile, in a dream is a symbol of primitive male sexuality, due to its large tail, rigid skin and aggressive behavior during mating season it is a dangerous animal, which “lurks” in murky water, and can attack without warning they are common symbols for an aggressive suitor or someone who was or may be hurtful in a romantic relationship children?s dreams of an alligator or crocodile attack should be taken seriously they often reflect threats by a male figure in their waking life, including a sexual predator
To dream of an alligator indicates that you are either too assertive (your bite is too large) or the opposite; you need to drop your timid nature and stand up for yourself you will know which applies to you this dream is healing and intends for you to get renewed strength to get a grip on things sharpen your teeth and like the alligator do not let go once you have sunk your teeth in you should only bite off in life what you can chew but the first part is also to be able to take the bite at life see teeth for more
Someone around you does not have your best interests at heart and it might be someone whom you feel you can trust consider other symbols in the dream to discern how or who be very cautious in business ventures of any sort consult an attorney before signing any contract or agreement
It is a dream of caution primordial fear be careful in making new speculations it is a dream unfavorable to all persons connected to it alligator usually refers to caution or fear it is a warning of something about to happen or something that you have suffered alligator usually refers to caution or fear it is a warning of something about to happen or something that you have suffered to dream of an alligator, unless you kill it, is unfavorable to all persons connected with the dream it is a dream of caution
A dream of an alligator is a strong warning it foretells that you will be deceived by your warmest friends
  they tend to have a negative connotation to them like  bending, crooked, meandering, snake, monster, devious, distorted, ancient demon   do you have qualities like an alligator or do you know somebody who has the same mannerisms as on when ready to attack   remember alligators don^t always need to be a negative symbol, they are smart, powerful and have thick skin depending the context of you^re alligator dream can have a totally different meaning
This dream is trying to alert you to an enemy be very cautious in any venture
To dream of an alligator, unless you kill it, is unfavorable to all persons connected with the dream it is a dream of caution
To dream you see an alligator, means you will be good to people with similar trouble
To see an alligator in your dream represents dishonesty, deception, and a false facade it may indicate that you should step back and reevaluate your position or view of a certain matter it may also represent your ability to move between the material world of waking life and the emotional, repressed world of the unconscious in addition, the alligator can symbolize the ability and talent to cure or revitalize to dream that you are running away from the alligator denotes your refusal to face a distressing or upsetting matter you may be harboring a negative feeling there is some potentially destructive emotion that you don’t want to admit you possess according to biblical interpretations, an alligator means that you will fall victim to the sin of arrogance and vanity
This symbol may suggest that you’re being thick skinned or insensitive to someone else it may also signify danger an alligator that guides you or talks to you may just be your totem

Meaning for seeing alligator in your dreams

This symbol may suggest that you are being thick skinned or insensitive to someone else it may also signify danger
To see an alligator in your dream, signifies treachery, deceit, and hidden instincts it may be a signal for you to take a new perspective on a situation alternatively, the alligator represents healing powers and qualities according to biblical interpretations, an alligator suggests that leviathan is king over the children of pride (spa 74:14, job 41:1,isa 27:1)
Primeval fear.
What are the basic fears I have?
Keyword: old; strong; aggressive; survivor; fundamental; primitive. Description: The alligator is like the sturgeon, an animal which exists in today^s nature for thousands of years. He has only few enemies the man is one of them and feeds itself with meat in any form, whether dead or alive. With his sharp teeth he can chop up his food in the appropriate chunks. Now and then alligators reach a length of nearly five meters; copies of this size are easily able to overwhelm even a cow. General meaning: the most fundamental survival requirements of your nature: where do you live, how do you work, what do you eat, the condition of your health; the most primitive aspects of your emotional nature; The situations which require an armour . Association: What did you chop up or what chopped up you; primitive feelings, internally feeding you; what do you eat. Transcendental meaning: increased vulnerability; hidden aggression or force; basic needs of the survival; ancient wisdom.
Alligator (crocodile) is often experienced as threatening because he embodies superseded needs, experiences, fears, feelings and the other unconscious contents. However, at the same time he also stands for wisdom and experience of the unconscious and may request to use it more.
In the dream the alligator is understood as a warning against enemies the one for life here figuratively means almost always about business. The alligator or the crocodile in the dream can be also viewed as an expression of the fear of the unconscious. The alligator usually lies mostly close to the shore and waits for victims to attack them without warning. Many people have fear that the forces from the unconscious can suddenly attack (eat) and bring them into serious emotional crises. Therefore, an alligator in the dream is understood as an invitation to fight, participate more actively with what is hidden in the subconscious and what it displaces that we do not want to know.
– Be careful, the deceitful enemies are nearby. – In the dream you can not kill or killed an alligator: bad luck is coming, be aware.