Dreaming about alms

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to give alms cheerfully in a dream is a good sign, but if they are given with any regret, the augury is of hard luck for a long time to come. to dream of soliciting alms is a sign that there will be an upturn in your business affairs.
Alms will bring evil if given or taken unwillingly otherwise, a good dream
This is, in some respects, a dream of contrary; the meaning could be the opposite of what you might think if you dreamed you were begging or receiving alms, you will have an improvement in your financial status you will also be lucky if, in your dream, you gave alms generously if you refused a beggar or gave reluctantly, however, the forecast is of some unexpected hardships to be overcome
Alms will bring evil if given or taken unwillingly otherwise, a good dream
To dream that you are giving alms is a sign of success, achievement, and a positive attitude to dream that you are giving alms against your will could be a warning that hardships and turbulent times lay in wait
To dream that you are giving alms, is a good omen to dream that you are giving alms unwillingly, signifies the coming of evil

Meaning for seeing alms in your dreams

Who distributes it in a dream is like generous, but also gratitude and expected return. Who dreams that he accepts alms begging, material hardship is so afraid that he would like to secure at all costs.; Even if he (leave) it would be humiliating.
Receive alms expresses the fear that there no more to do yourself, others accused of falling or having to ask. Is it charity, it shows willingness to sacrifice and also notes that one should not skimp internally.
– is requested and refuse: a sign of misfortune; – freely give: the promise of happiness and have nots is expected to improve its financial situation soon, but the rich anger and financial problems; – be paupers: unpleasant events are imminent; – receive: good friends and good business, you^ll get a good service, also can be certain to get into a very unexpected emergency assistance, also could be a long-cherished wish come true; – see a pauper: one will appeal to your generosity.
– get: experiencing anger and annoyance; – distribute: happy days lie ahead, your plan has a good success.