Dreaming about ambition

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this is a favorable dream to those who are doing office work. it predicts a rise in salary and new responsibilities.
A dream of contrary; the meaning is the opposite of what you might think if you gained it in your dream, be prepared for a setback; if you were frustrated in your dream, you will attain your objective in time persevere!
Ambition to appear in dreams usually in the form of certain behaviors in which one recognizes him. He is a symbol of zeal and careerism, sometimes also interpreted for some selfish recklessness; this behavior should be put back because it only leads to problems.
Our dreams often deal with the ambition as a symbolic reflection of our ambition. They show us the circumstances in the way of how we achieve our goals. Our dreams can spur us reason to want to go even higher or distract us from unrealistic goals.

Meaning for seeing ambition in your dreams

– ambitions in a dream will be experienced as a nerd disappointment.
– None dream explanation in Islam.