Dreaming about americas

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– Power, ingenuity, The New World, patriotism, world domination aspirations and protectionism, crime, moral depravity, decadence, heresy and false practiced faith in God.
– What do I study? What new worlds lie inside me? Whose I tried the devil?
America, the new continent, traditionally associated with courage, pioneering spirit, spirit of enterprise, progress and material success equated. Dreams of this continent to show either that it will soon come through these properties to the target or more should seek to lay their own timidity. Perhaps it is also striving to excessive material success and sobriety advised and warned of an associated impoverishment of the soul.
The land of opportunity this term is so deeply rooted in our thought patterns, that even in the dream for freedom, breaking new ground (and unimaginable opportunities) stands. Anyone who has dreamed of, European culture and tradition filled. Or is he just curious and unconventional. A clich??© but one that even works; in the subconscious.

Meaning for seeing americas in your dreams

– see: happiness comes to you through our own efforts; Senior officials should be wary of government affairs, others would do well to pay attention to, since anger is present. – go there: you^ll have luck in ventures.
Hindu – what you have done makes you succeed.