Dreaming about amusement

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if indulging in any kind of amusement in a dream, you are conscious of enjoying yourself, the future will be a bright one. if the amusement bores you, you are almost certain to have trouble.
A very straightforward dream the more you are amused, the greater your coming satisfaction in life will likely be but if you were not amused when you should have been, you may possibly experience some minor annoyances
Park dreaming of an amusement park may suggest that you are in need of a vacation from your concerns over a troubling issue to dream of riding a ride denotes an enjoyment of life and feelings of being uninhibited
– You are cheerfully in the dream: this is considered as a loss during the day; depending on the boisterous merriment the greater difficulty will be.

Meaning for seeing amusement in your dreams

– You are happy, joyfull: your income will improve and your worry dwindles; – You are dreamig that others amused: avoid people who speak too much.
Persian (Persium) – If somebody dreams, you sings, dance, play flute or zither from desire and pleasure, tears and affliction about you will come at this place. – If you recite or another with melodious voice, you become the one who always get good messages,it still be more positive if you hear reciting another. – Take a look is it the emperor or a great man, you will remit a regulation according to the euphony and find agreement with the people; if the voice is unpleasant, the regulation to the people becomes a displeasure. – In the dream you are playing to a zither for the dance, you will find words which cause tears. – You hear the zither music, you will hear lamentations; if you sing to the zither, you will hear a good message according to the melodious sound of the voice.
– In the dream you are amused: you will experience some pleasant.