Dreaming about ancestors

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to dream of ancestors other than parents denotes devotion to ideals that carry on tradition. you will be respected in the community where you live.
To dream about your ancestors, suggests that you are acknowledging your inherited traits and traditions you may be trying to hold on to the past and preserve it
You will likely receive some unexpected honor if you dreamed of ancestors, whether your own or not
Dreaming that your ancestors are angry or you are shouting at them, predicts that you will have health problems and failures to dream your ancestors address you, signifies that you will have many happy events on the personal level
To dream of your ancestors indicates that you accept the qualities about you and the conventions that you inherited you could be having difficulty letting go of the past
To see ancestors in a dream, I mean relatives, who lived before the parents, it worries about past conflicts, or do they speak something good, pleasant or pleasing, the worries turn into blessings that they don^t reverse.

Meaning for seeing ancestors in your dreams

Deceased ancestors in a dream indicate unhappiness and concerns that are grounded in past actions. The characters encounter a friendly, one is evil may finally turn out well. But if they are rude, the concerns are even greater.
– To see: is regarded as a warning of disease.