Dreaming about anesthetic

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to dream that someone is under anesthesia, means you are to hear some bad news to dream of yourself under anesthesia, predicts that you may make a mistake in something that can have a lot of damage
Where alcohol allows your emotions to be expressed freely, an anesthetic ‘dulls’ the senses without being able to feel, you are hiding pain in a way that might keep you from understanding and processing your feelings so you can grow dreaming of being drugged, drowsy or sleepy suggests how repressed parts of you are seeking the first stages of expression dreaming that someone else has drugged you shows the power you have given this person to have control over you often this other person represents the shadow or how one side of you undermines the power of another, as in aggression undermining feelings, or fear undermining assertiveness
The dream of an anesthetic means that you become numb to your own feelings. They crowd out much, you are no longer able to perceive what you have placed your fellow man. Are you stunned, can mean that you can not resolve your conflicts. But do not give up, which leads only to more stunning.