Dreaming about anima animus

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the anima and animus represent female and male aspects being activated in the opposite sexes men and women possess feminine and masculine traits equally and in dreams, the anima may appear to a male as a highly feminized figure the animus can appear as the male ‘protector’ or associate who appears to the female in dreams men will dream of doing feminine things, like wearing a dress, while a woman may do things that would be considered masculine like dominating or mounting another woman both are exploring the opposite traits of their gender in an effort to adopt them these type of dreams are coaching the male toward sensitivity, while the woman may be exploring empowerment through a dream of domination these qualities emerge as a reminder of how the female must develop her assertiveness or power to provide for herself, while the male must develop sensitivity or introspection in expressing and blending his feminine side into his masculinity both the female and male qualities are necessary in authentic empowerment and balance
Plays in a dream, a sexual character against a role, so that the dreamer tries to give the characteristics of this generation, importance and appreciation. A man tries to perhaps come closer to his sensitive side, while a woman is committed to the development of their rational side.
Such a dream is an attempt to bring the psyche into balance by the dreamer looked at objectively. Only if he understands that he carries in himself the qualities of the opposite sex, he can become whole.
The polarizing way in which the dreamer brings his gender expression, is nevertheless a very valuable part of his personality.