Dreaming about animal

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animals in dreams typically represent people we know in real life many land animals are common dream symbols if the animal in your dream is not literal (such as a current pet), consider the qualities of the animal and your feelings about those qualities to determine its identity in your waking life   horses can represent children, who are full of vitality, or the sexuality of adolescence and young adulthood (a “stud”) bears represent people we know with tempers (don’t disturb a “sleeping bear!”) wolves represent people we perceive as threats, who might attack suddenly any small animal, especially those that are associated with pets, are a common fertility symbols, associated with babies or children because we want to care for and/or treat them like a child these are common symbols for pregnant women or those who want to conceive
One interpretation for animals is that they represent your human nature (animal nature) we are animals and part of the animal kingdom as such we have animal instincts that are part of our nature do you suppress part of your animal nature? to dream of an elephant, for instance, means that you hide your sensitivity by displaying a thick skin you are a sensitive animal and there is no point denying it it is part of your nature so accept it to dream of a sheep indicates you are timid or don^t do enough for yourself to dream of an alligator or crocodile means that you are either too aggressive and need to stop snapping at others or that you are losing a grip on things (once a crocodile has a grip on you they will not let go) and need to sharpen your teeth so you can take a good bite at life or be assertive when you need to be
1 domestic animals: comfort, familiarity, security, gentleness astrological parallel: virgo 2 wild animals: the lower nature, the unknown, fear, danger astrological parallel: aries
, domestic the natural self tamed by civilizing values, wild natural, untamed self freedom from civilization, domestic the natural self tamed by civilizing values, wild natural, untamed self freedom from civilization