Dreaming about anteater

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a warning that you may want to be extra cautious in your business dealings and take no financial risks for the time being
To dream about an anteater signals that you must be very careful about when completing financial arrangements
To see an anteater in your dream, forewarns that you need to proceed with caution before entering into any business agreements
A favorable dream. Do not take any risks. anthill

Meaning for seeing anteater in your dreams

Who destroyed it, probably has it that the own ability and qualifications of the environment are perhaps not sufficiently recognized.
– accidentally step into: severe troubles will haunt you; also through their own awkward behavior provokes a lot of annoyance; – bruise or destroy anthills: misfortune and sorrow; – to lie about that: care about your existence.
– see: great job in sight; – enter into its such: beware of evil against society; – destroy wantonly: they will soon be fighting for its existence.