Dreaming about antenna

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to dream of an antenna in your dream symbolizes the way you communicate with your environment consider the condition of the antenna (was it broken or damaged? strong and powerful? etc) to determine your ability to transmit your ideas and thoughts to others
An indication of good news concerning a bonus or extra profits coming your way if you were putting up an antenna, you will likely recover something you thought irretrievable
To dream you placed a antenna somewhere, suggests you will not change its expected and good
To see an antenna in your dream signifies that you are in harmony with your environment the state that the antenna is in represents the way you communicate your feelings and beliefs pay attention if it is broken, rusty, or crooked

Meaning for seeing antenna in your dreams

Antennas represent uncertainty or curiosity in relationship matters.
– in a dream see or have antenna: news of friends who are in the distance; – connect to the wireless: commercial enrichment; – pull out (portable) radio: to get answers to questions that relate to a specific person that you are facing suspicious; – earth: strong powers to enable completion of a great work; – cut: bad news.