Dreaming about ants

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because of the nature of ants and the widespread occurrence of fire ants, it is only natural that this little creature find its way into our subconscious as the symbol of pettiness and annoyance. but on a positive note, they can symbolize diligence foresight and teamwork. the little ant is also indicative of organization, and business discipline. in dreams where the ant is related to work issues the ant symbolizes the work ethic or lack of. to be bitten by an ant in a dream can indicate a small annoyance in your life, or if bitten by many, lots of small annoyances in life.
Expect good business activity feelings of general satisfaction in all things you must cooperate to achieve your desires the dreamer of ants should expect many petty annoyances during the day; chasing little worries, and finding general dissatisfaction in all things
This symbol is quite common one that suggest something might be bugging you ants can also imply hard work, teamwork and cooperation it can also be a play on words about you^re aunt;
If, in your dream, you observed the interesting organized activity of these industrious creatures, a change of business or position could be beneficial but if they were in food or on clothing, as pests, you could have a spell of frustration and hard work before achieving independence
The dreamer of ants should expect many petty annoyances during the day; chasing little worries, and finding general dissatisfaction in all things
Dreaming that you see an anteater, means then you’re in danger of a financial collapse or bankruptcy dreaming that ants crawl on your body, means misfortune will come upon you to dream of ants crawling in your bed, predicts that you will get angry and aggressive dreaming that you see ants or one ant, suggests that money will win a surprise to dream of ants crawling in the kitchen, predicts that you expect a happy home to dream that you kill ants, indicates that you are persecuting someones luck

Meaning for seeing ants in your dreams

To see ants in your dream implies that you are not happy with your current position or situation you harbor emotions of abandonment and inattention you may be easily irritated and frustrated by minor matters the only means of attaining your wants and needs is to work together with others ants also represent persistence, meticulousness and production it is very likely that you will see a substantial growth in the area of your occupation alternately, you may have the desire to break free from constraints and exude more individuality you are unhappy with limitations that are placed upon you according to the biblical interpretations, ants represent attentiveness with matters pertaining to divinity and spirituality ants may be tiny in stature, but they are indicative of periods of prosperity
To see ants in your dream, signifies your general dissatisfaction in your daily life you are feeling neglected and insignificant petty things will annoy you throughout the following day you will learn that cooperation will be the only way to achieve your desires ants also symbolize hard work, diligence and industry increase business activities are expected on a less positive note, ants symbolize social conformity and mass action in this regard, you may feel that your life is too structured and orderly according to the biblical interpretations, ants symbolize your sluggard ness concerning the things of god (prov 30:25)