Dreaming about ape

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appetite if the dreamer is particularly engaged with their appetite, it is usually due to an unfulfilled desire. this desire does not have to be physical, but can also be spiritual or emotional.
An ape in a dream symbolizes someone from waking life who is bossy, authoritative and even bullying who is the 800 pound gorilla in your waking life?
Warns the dreamer to beware deceit goes with this dream you will find opposition in love
A sign that you should be on guard against a mischief maker in your social or business circle, and pay more attention to your work

Meaning for seeing ape in your dreams

Dreaming of an ape signifies that you should beware of the people around you are they trustworthy? if the ape is smiling in your dream, it means that you’re unsure of the intentions of others
A dream featuring an ape represents mischievous acts and wrongdoings it may also represent your need to learn more through experience