Dreaming about appearance

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Performance, achievement.
Where in my life I am looking for recognition?
For anyone who is not an actor operates as a professional or amateur, dreams mean, in which he makes an appearance, that he is concerned about his personality and his effect on others. On stage we are on display, exactly as in everyday life, we hope to reap applause and boos at times. The audience is probably friends, neighbors and colleagues of our waking-ego trying dar. One on every detail of the audience to remember a dream and should find evidence for identification. Crowds can pose problems. You kick them bravely. You know how you respond and what they have to say? Or did you mean his reaction? The actor is likely to be even, each inaccessibility of the game (if you forget his lines or the part not convincingly play) could be (a perhaps unconsciously) represent inadequacies in waking life.
If you stand facing all alone in the spotlight, all eyes in the room only one? A terrible feeling? Then you^re afraid of failure or fear perfection and always stick to not being good enough and losing face;. The show encourages you to be brave and face the responsibility. He expressed a willingness to protect others. In the negative, it stands for bluff to overestimate themselves.