Dreaming about apple tree

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an apple tree in a dream is a symbol of opulence and luxury it means that you feel extraordinary
To see an apple tree in your dream, symbolizes grandeur and magnificence you are feeling larger than life
Sacred to the druids was the apple tree and the mythical Avalon where King Arthur was buried, was the island of apple trees. Was revived as the order of druids in modern times, the founding members met under an apple tree. The apple tree expressed as a dream symbol of romantic longing for the situation in which the world is still in order. Often this dream symbol occurs when the dreamer feels stressed by city life.
In the Western Christian culture the tree means knowledge, which is the unconscious in our dreamland to awaken us more understanding of other people^s problems, but also to encourage us to self-knowledge.

Meaning for seeing apple tree in your dreams

– flowering: happiness in marriage; impending good news that is relevant for all life, business success; – see a beautiful leafy: satisfaction; – apple tree before harvest: brilliant progress of the business, good income; – full of fruit: many friendships and acquaintances.
Hindu – flowering and fruit-bearing apple trees announce successes and tangible returns on.
– flowering: pleasant and happy, joyful news; – see: that your business succeeds.