Dreaming about appointment

Perhaps the dreamer can present himself for good work or reward. There is something what he can finish and do in a certain period. (with whom did you have the date. This could be important and give other interpretations.).
At a spiritual level, the appointment in a dream is an indication of the dreamer, on mental effective way to save them or time to use them.
European (judeo-christian) – there isn't any meaning of dream in christianity. Hindu (hinduism) – there isn't any explanation of dream in hinduism. Arabian (islamic) – there isn't any meaning of dream in islam.
Short meaning an arrangement to meet someone at a special time and place. Complete definition an arrangement for a meeting; an engagement. The act of appointing; designation of a person to hold an office or discharge a trust. The state of being appointed to a service or office; an office to which one is appointed; station; position. Synonyms of appointment. Noun: assignation, nomination, post, office, rendezvous, designation, date, assignment, meeting; plural: appointments, assignations, nominations, posts, offices, rendezvouses, designations, dates, assignments, meetings.
Time is a man -made concept so, from a spiritual perspective, when we dream of having to keep an appointment we need to make use of time in the most spiritually effective way. There may be an issue to do with our self -discipline. We can perhaps give ourselves a gift or a reward for good work. There is something that has to be accomplished within a certain time limit. Often the person we have the appointment with may be important. To dream about going to an appointment predicts we need to have an aim or a goal. The dream is bringing to our notice something our inner self feels we need to deal with. Missing an appointment denotes we are not paying enough attention to detail. You might like to consult the entries for people and time.
Dreams about an appointment is symbolic of obligations and responsibilities in life. The intensity of the dream will determine the extent the dreamer feels overwhelmed. On the other hand, dreams of missing an appointment infers the dreamer is absent minded and/or unreliable.
Instructions to make or cancel an appointment have a definite purpose.
Any dream about appointments - whether making, breaking, changing, running late, etc - is a warning to alter some secret plan you have been scheming about, because it won't work out as you expect.
Any dream involving appointments, whether making, breaking, changing or discussing them, is a warning to alter, or, better still, give up, some secret plan you have been harboring, as it may not work out as you expected.
Dreaming about an appointment could mean many things, depending on who and what you are meeting, but if it is undefined, it might predict you are forgetting something significant.
A missed appointment means the same thing as a missed train, bus, or airplane. You have missed an opportunity or will miss one if you don't act soon. Figure out what that opportunity is, and put your best foot forward. If you have an appointment coming up and you dream you have missed it, you are just releasing anxiety about something that is important to you.
You know there's an opportunity you have missed or will miss if you don't act soon.
Dreaming that you are going to an appointment advises that you need to be more goal oriented dreaming that you miss an appointment, then it might foretell that you are not paying enough attention to some minor details and little things in life.
If the dream states the fact that the dreamer goes out for a date or an appointment, this points to the fact, that he should have an aim or an intention. The dream brings notice to him, something from what his inner self is already feels, that he should deal with it consciously. To miss a date or an appointment, refers to the fact that he turns insufficient attention to dream details.
We can perhaps give ourselves a gift or a reward for good work. Often the person we have the appointment with may be important.
Dreams about going to an appointment predicts we need to have an aim or a goal

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