Dreaming about appointment

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to dream of an appointment is symbolic of obligations and responsibilities in life. the intensity of the dream will determine the extent the dreamer feels overwhelmed. on the other hand, to dream of missing an appointment infers the dreamer is absent minded and/or unreliable.
Any dream involving appointments, whether making, breaking, changing or discussing them, is a warning to alter, or, better still, give up, some secret plan you have been harboring, as it may not work out as you expected
Dreaming of an appointment could mean many things, depending on who and what you are meeting, but if it is undefined, it means that you are forgetting something important
To dream that you are going to an appointment indicates that you need to set more objectives in your life you are not being stimulated enough to dream that you miss an appointment implies that you are focusing too much on the end result and should stop and concentrate on the small things around you
A missed appointment signifies the same thing as a missed train, bus, or airplane you know there’s an opportunity you’ve missed or will miss if you don’t act soon figure out what that opportunity is, and put your best foot forward
A dream where you attend an appointment suggests that you need to aim higher or be more focused around a goal if you miss an appointment in the dream then it implies that you need to pay more attention to detail
If the dream states the fact that the dreamer goes out for a date or an appointment, this points to the fact, that he should have an aim or an intention. The dream brings notice to him, something from what his inner self is already feels, that he should deal with it consciously. To miss a date or an appointment, refers to the fact that he turns insufficient attention to dream details.
Perhaps the dreamer can present himself for good work or reward. There is something what he can finish and do in a certain period. (With whom did you have the date? This could be important and give other explanations.)

Meaning for seeing appointment in your dreams

At a spiritual level, the appointment in a dream is an indication of the dreamer, on spiritual effective way to save them or time to use them.
– There isn^t any interpretation of dream in Christianity.