Dreaming about aquarium

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to see an aquarium in your dream symbolizes that you are aware of what you are feeling, but you have not yet confronted these feelings. this dream may also refer to your unconscious thoughts or desires. an aquarium dream can indicate that you need to take some time for yourself to relax and have fun. also see fish.
To see fish in an aquarium, is indicative of small pleasures that last of short duration either in your life or to come. the condition and size of the fish tank or aquarium, is also an indicator as to the quality and/or quantity of the pleasure.
An aquarium or fish tank in a dream is a fertility symbol, made evident by the fact that pregnant women carry around an internal ?tank? of embryonic fluid to sustain their little ?fish ?
To dream you find an aquarium, suggests you will start a new job to dream of an empty of broken aquarium, predicts problems in love and concern for relatives to dream that the aquarium is full with fish, suggests you are full with joy
To see an aquarium in your dream indicates that you are aware of certain feelings that you possess but haven’t been able to deal with this may include needs, wants, and fantasies related to sex alternately, it may imply that you are at a stagnant point in your life and are confused as to which path to follow it may also suggest that you are overly stressed and need to slow down, take a deep breath, and try to focus
Water in all forms is a very meaningful symbol it may represent emotions, the unconscious, sexuality, and, at times, life itself before interpreting this symbol first consider the other details in the dream and the overall quality of the dream experience the aquarium could represent a portion of your life or a “slice of life ” aquariums are generally balanced and fully contained ecosystems people enjoy aquariums because they find them soothing and relaxing thus, this dream´s message may be a call for contemplation and relaxation it may represent life in a small setting as a compensation to the stress and, at times, overwhelming complexity of daily experiences
To see an aquarium in your dream, signifies that you have acknowledged your emotions but have not yet confronted them thus, it may refer to your unconscious thoughts or repressed sexual desires also, you may feel that your life is going no where or that you feel it is going in circles alternatively, the aquarium may indicate that you need to calm down and set some time for yourself to relax and unwind
Microcosm of emotions.
What feelings am I ready to show or willing to look at?
The aquarium symbolizes happiness and success, especially in matters of love. Since an aquarium is something that has been created artificially, it also stands for superficiality and artificiality. Certain feelings and sensations in the vicinity of the dreaming are played and inauthentic. Most urged that dream about to give up facades and to beware of false emotions.

Meaning for seeing aquarium in your dreams

Is a symbol of a shielded, artificial habitat that will be presented in the natural conditions only. Dreams in which tanks play a role in pressing the desire for more freedom; (mostly emotional) or from a spontaneous, natural way of life. The dreamer feels as if behind glass; shielded and would like to change this condition.
– to see an aquarium in a dream: inconvenience; – see it as fish and reptiles: happiness; – even swim in it: the threat of loss.
Hindu – to see an aquarium with fish or reptiles: especially announce financial results; – blank: worry and distress; – swim in it: it can lead to losses.
– to see an aquarium in a dream: you^ll have trouble.