Dreaming about archetype

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Archetypes are archetypes that protects every person deep in his subconscious. In a sense they are psychic; blueprints. These plans although potentially fully can childhood experiences, socialization and even through the experience of parenthood may be distorted. CG Jung made the beginning for the study of archetypes and their function was divided into thinking, feeling, sensory and intuitive perception. Some young students developed a map;, with which it is possible demonstrate the interplay of these activities and determine where each individual distortions appear. Each function has a positive; and negative; properties associated with the adjective more; or less; can perhaps be better described. Each of the male and female sides of personality, these four functions, so that a total of 64 (eight by eight) possible interactions. Where distortion occurs, the person tends to project on those archetypes in his environment, with which he has the most difficulty (often this is the shadow). Consequently, there is a tendency to repeat situations for so long (for example, the woman who finds itself repeatedly with a father figure in close relationships, or the man that is a unit time and again in dispute with female supervisors) has to be learned adequately deal with its distortions and to understand them. Succeeds, however, are their own and projections that other people have to make people aware, they can be adopted without damage to themselves will be coming. The perfect balance would be achieved if all sides of the personality can be expressed as: The loving father and loving mother is self-explanatory. The monster symbolizes negative employed male anger and the destructive mother can destroy at will or just be choking (which is the mother who prevented their children adequate growth). The bright young man and the princess are the more lovable, fun-loving side of the personality during the prowler for male impermanence and the siren, the seductress of the active female sexuality stands. The hero is the independent, part of the messianic personality, the Amazon, however, the self-satisfied Female the defined benefit type career woman. The villain is the masculine part of the self, the power for its purposes, the athlete, the typical women^s libber; who says she would not need men (like Amazon). Priest or priestess are the intuitive powers that be in the service of the big picture;. The magician brings his power insensitive to use, the Witch possibly more emotionally negative.
The loving mother: she reflects the traditional image of the nurturing mother, forgive the injuries and is always sympathetic. Because this side of the female still experiencing high esteem, it can still easily happen that you will be developed at the expense of other aspects of personality. The destructive Mother: In this archetype, it is either a stifling expression of motherhood or the open destructive forbidding wife. Often it is this kind of nut, which prevents the relationships of the dreamer or willfully him more difficult because of their influence on him, the outreach to other people. The Princess: this archetype represents the fun-loving, innocent and childlike aspect of the female dar. The princess is totally spontaneous and still have their own way to deal with other people. The Siren: this archetype is the temptress, the woman who is aware of their sensuality and sexuality. In dreams, she often appears in historical, flowing robes, to emphasize their sex appeal further. The Amazon: it^s the independent woman who feels no need to man, but in many career women is a large portion Amazon. She has joy in researching, aggressive, intellectual war of words. The contestant: behind it hides the woman who is competing with everyone and anyone with both men and women and it sets everything to prove that they can take their lives into their own hands. The Priest: for you it is a very intuitive woman who has learned to control the flow of information and using it for the public good. She is perfect in her inner world at home. The Witch: she is very intuitive, but she uses her energy for her own purposes. She decides purely subjective and therefore lose their critical judgment. The loving father: this side of the male is the traditional image of facing his father, who has the ability to care for the child in yourself and in others and in his decision is fair and absolutely unshakable. The monster: it is the angry, aggressive, frightening side of the male dar. The bright young man: the fun-loving, curious side of the male is both sensitive and creative. Behind her, Peter Pan, who has never grown up. The Prowler: it represents the freedom-loving man, the eternal wanderer, the gypsy dar. He holds no loyalty, and it only drives the prospect of progress on the next adventure. The hero: for he is a man who has decided to undertake his voyage of discovery on your own. He can certainly consider offers and decide the next step. In the dream he often appears as a messianic figure. He saves the desperate girl, but only when it brings forward this in its own growth. The villain: this archetype is the perfect selfish man who does not care, to whom he tramples find themselves. His kind of masculinity reveals that women are often only in relationships. In the dream he is often a menacing figure who recurs when the woman has not come to terms with his selfishness. The priests: the intuitive man recognizes and understands the power of his intuition, and he uses them in the service of his God and the community. In the dream he can go down as a shaman or pagan priests. The Wizard: this man uses his judgment absolutely passionless for good and bad alike, but only because he enjoys the exercise of power. In a negative sight, he is the master trickster or unexpected changes. Urboros: the snake that bites its own tail, is a symbol of consciousness and that I have yet to develop (the primordial chaos in people, the contradictions of good and evil, man and woman). Mandala: Circle and square are combined in this symbolic drawing. It is a sign of self-realization.
If the dreamer has access to all the archetypes alike, then he is ready to be a unit and all.