Dreaming about archetypes

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archetypes are basic pictures that each of us hold deep within our subconscious. they are often referred to as psychic blueprints. to learn more about archetypes refer to the pages about carl jung in the dream interpretation section. feminine archetypes kindly mother ? the conventional figure of the caring mother figure; ready to forgive transgression and always understanding. destructive mother ? this type is a ?smother-mother? or prohibitively destructive; is prone to causing difficulty in, or even preventing the dreamer from relationships. princess ? fun loving, innocent child-like aspect of femininity; totally spontaneous but simultaneously has a subjective approach to other people. siren ? the seductress; the sexually and sensually aware woman. in dreams she often appears in flowing garments as though to highlight the erotic image. amazon ? self-sufficient woman who does not need a male; often becomes a career woman who enjoys the cut and thrust of intellectual sparring. competitor ? loves to compete against anyone and everyone, men or women, simply to prove she is in charge of her own life. priestess ? highly intuitive woman who has learnt to control the flow of information and use it for good. witch ? intuitive woman who is subjective in judgment and therefore loses her discernment. masculine archetypes kindly father ? conventional kindly father figure who is capable of looking after the child within us, but equally of being firm and fair. ogre ? represents the angry, overbearing, aggressive and frightening masculine figure. this image is the result of the relationship the dreamer had with their father. youth ? the ?peter pan? figure who has never grown up. tramp ? freedom lover, wanderer, gypsy. owes no allegiance to anyone and is only concerned with what lays ahead. hero ? has elected to take his own journey; often appearing as a messianic figure in dreams. he will rescue the damsel in distress, but only as part of his growth process. villain ? completely self-centred and has no concern for others. priest ? recognises and understands the power of his own intuition, but uses it in the services of his spiritual beliefs. he may appear in dreams as the shaman or pagan priest. sorcerer ? uses the power of discernment in a completely dispassionate way for neither good nor evil, but simply because he enjoys using power. he can also be the trickster, the master of unexpected change.