Dreaming about arena

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to dream of being in an arena suggests a desire to be seen/heard; the individual wants to be under the spotlight. however, if the dreamer is nervous or fearful this suggests they may have difficulty in crowds or speaking socially.
An arena symbolizes conflict either within yourself or with others
You would be wise to reject any new business venture or position offered at this time it will likely have some hidden snags
If you?re dreaming of being in an arena, then you should take a serious decision if you dream of an empty arena, you will have losses, they will abandon you or realize you are wrong if you see an arena in a dream, you will not become the center of attention among strangers
A dream where you are in an arena suggests that you need to move into an environment with better opportunity for self expression and creativity
The dreamer is a doer or as spectators in an arena, so it symbolizes the need to seek an environment that offers more opportunity for self expression and creativity. The room in which I own that stands in the center, where all our steps are monitored. In the arena we take the fight to the well-being in a spiritual relationship, at which we meet opponents, who appear to us equal, opponents, which must exist before our affairs. It^s not just people who show up there, but also the animals that we have to interpret symbolically, to find weak points in our ego, which then should be removed.

Meaning for seeing arena in your dreams

Symbol for a space in which one must prove themselves under all circumstances and that for all to see.; Or: There is a tendency for excessive self-promotion and underestimated the possibility that they could do more harm than. Is the dream with fear and shyness connected, the opposite is true: the success of aspiration theory remains. It is not venturing into the heart of the action, others envy, self-consciousness. The dreamer then centered his attention or enters a new conflict in the arena. Perhaps this conflict must be dealt with openly. Arena symbolizes our conscious perception and experience of space, of course it is always just out of what is going on inside.
An arena indicates a ritualized conflict. Today^s sports are used as compensation.
– dreaming of being alone in arena: danger, you avoid crowds; not alone: reduced risk.