Dreaming about armor

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protective armor indicates that you do not allow others to get close to you this is always about your heart and emotions the idea is that by keeping people at a distance you cannot get hurt the dream shows you this, to ask you to open up and allow others to get close it is not healthy for your heart to suppress your feelings over a long period of time ideally you are open and honest about your feelings both to yourself and to others
If you dream of armor, means that a danger threatens and it is necessary to protect yourselves
To dream that you are wearing armor represents the methods you utilize to protect your feelings and emotions from harm you are afraid of letting others get too close to you, so you erect barriers to guard your inner self
Armor could represent your defense mechanisms, those things that you use to protect yourself from self and/or others (e g denial and repression) physical barriers may keep others away, as will your more negative behaviors and attitudes on a more spiritual note, some believe that dreaming about armor may be a good sign which represents a shield of protection from difficulties and temptation

Meaning for seeing armor in your dreams

Dreaming of armor is the defensive posture you take to protect your feelings being given armor denotes how this behavior may have been adopted as a child women will sometimes dream of a gun as a symbol of sexual feelings that feel overpowering see also weapons and utensils