Dreaming about army

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an over powering force. no match for anyone. you against all the others.
War within the family war within the family
War within the family
This kind of dream indicates obstacles to be overcome; if the army was marching, you will have to travel to achieve your goal
To dream of the army, means you will hear important news to dream yourself as a gunner in the army, means you will bear substantial material losses
To see an army in your dream indicates that you are facing overwhelming obstacles and don’t believe you are capable of victory to dream of joining the army implies that you harbor feelings of arrogance you believe that you possess more efficient skills and talents than others
To see the army in your dream, symbolizes an overpowering force working against you you may feel outnumbered or pressured and unable to deal/overcome this situation to dream that you join the army, suggests your feelings of superiority you feel that no one is any match for you
Dreaming of being in an army denotes how you are operating with a new sense of discipline or restriction being invaded by soldiers portrays insecurities about conformity and authority rather than confronting restriction, symbolizing disciplinarian or critical tapes, being a part of an army reflects how you give in to defensive tendencies

Meaning for seeing army in your dreams

Army can display an (often unconscious) fear of the future or profound changes in life.
– to see an army in a dream: concern about the future; – see marching: large changes; – enter into: a success in financial terms; – in war: great wealth is to be expected.
Hindu – enter it in a dream: you will be able to achieve great financial success.
– see the march past: experience great things; – to see a standing solders: be careful, you are threaten by great evil.