Dreaming about artist

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to dream of an artist is the unconscious making us aware that we need to tap into our creative side. this is not necessarily restricted to the creative arts but could also apply to becoming creative at work.
A symbol of creativity, of the ability to create your own world the way you want it 1 if you dream of a famous artist, you need to ask yourself what this particular artist means to you, and how you feel about his or her work if you’re a fan, then you’re on the right track, either with regard to a specific matter you’re concerned about or your life in general 2 if the artist is an unknown male figure, then your intellect is trying to convey a message about something you’re working on consider the picture: is it just begun, half finished, nearly complete? is it a good painting, or is it a mess? 3 if the artist is an unknown female figure, then the picture concerns matters of the emotions again, look at the picture itself, as well as the other symbols in the dream, to judge what the picture is trying to tell you the same goes if you are the artist
Success will be yours creative display success will be yours creative display
Success will be yours creative display
You could be wasting your time on some unworthy pleasures if you saw an artist painting or drawing in your dream; if you were doing the artwork, you may have to revise your plans in order to achieve the recognition you want
To dream of an artist, means that you have an especially important successes to come to dream that you watch an artist, suggests that you will enjoy health and longevity to dream that you are an artist, indicates that your progress will depend entirely on your patience and attention
To dream that you are an artist painting a picture represents your ability to be insightful and imaginative the picture that you are painting may reflect your feelings and attitudes regarding a certain issue or matter
To dream of yourself as an artist suggests a great need to express your emotions and creativity on a bigger scale it doesn’t necessarily mean you want to paint try to integrate some of your more creative ideas into your work or love life

Meaning for seeing artist in your dreams

A dream where you are a painter or painting symbolizes the creativity or potential creativity within yourself
To dream that you are an artist painting a picture, signifies you creative and intuitive side of your character the picture that you are painting in your dream may symbolize the way that you are visualizing your current situation in your waking life
Artists are traditionally interpreted as a light-hearted and in a dream can warn to not trust friends.
Hindu – artist in a dream means that you need to keep away from your friends! They hide their intentions.
– artist in a dream means that friends betray you.